Nectar & Mixology is the collective talent of passionate bar professionals that provide consulting services to restaurants, bars & hotels. 

Our mission is to improve the standard of bar services and cocktail creations offered in Quebec.  

We offer innovative and creative beverage programs suited to your market, philosophy, and sales projections. We pride ourselves on creating continuity between food and cocktail menus, thus creating an identity and enhancing brand awareness for your establishment and/or event. 

One of the founding partners, Lawrence Picard, is known as a creative genius within the industry. He is an artist that relentlessly needs to create and is constantly thinking of new ways to bring the wow-factor to bars across Montreal. Lawrence has been recognized for his talents both locally and internationally. He was the top Canadian finalist in GQ’s Bombay Sapphire ‘MOST IMAGINATIVE BARTENDER’ competition and was the grand finalist for the 2009 Made with Love Competition. Over the past 5 years, Lawrence has personally groomed and trained numerous young passionate and aspiring bartenders, who now have grown to be bar chefs/managers at many of Montreal’s hotspots. 

It is with this passion for the industry that

Nectar provide the following:

- One-on-One consulting on maximizing bar profits through, 

Bar Design & Layout and Beverage Programs;

- Staff Training;

- Cocktail Workshops;

- Food & Cocktail Pairing;

- Brand Promotion and exposure through Nectar events;

- Support Marketing & Sales efforts of various Spirit distribution agencies;

- Design & conduct product training and product related educational programs;

- Host charitable events, fundraisers, festivals, and mixology competitions;

- Provide world-class bar services for corporate events across Quebec.